Est 1959

We are a small family run business based in the Scottish Borders and pride ourselves in leading the way in quality for over 60 years.

Everything is made totally by hand, by ourselves using many of our own traditional methods that have been past down for many years, much of what we do is unique to us at Horncraft.

Over the years we have been inspired by our beautiful surroundings and the love of the wild including our travels to  the rugged and unspoiled Scottish highlands.

The river Esk runs by our family home and seeing the fishers one frosty morning,  inspired our original concept for making a Scottish Wild Salmon brooch. 

This unique brooch is still being made by hand by us to this day and now our brooch and ornament selection has grown to many new designs and all inspired by a walk on a sunny frosty April morning all those years ago. 

Over the years we have come to know many estates in the Highlands and much of our Red Deer Antlers come from these estates plus other suppliers we know who regularly in April collect naturally shed Scottish Red Deer Antlers for us from the wild hills and glens off the Scottish Highlands.

All the Red Deer Antler we use is naturally shed and is a natural process that the Deer go though every year in April/May.  

Below is a small selection of some of our work, for more details please visit our shop.

Cheese Heart
Pie Server
Thistle Brooch
Pate Knife


Salad Servers
Sgian Dubh
Bottle Openers
Butter Knife
Highland Coo
Highland Red Deer 
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